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New Homes Warranty Program


Pfeifer Homes Inc. Limited New Home Warranty



Pfeifer Homes Inc. provides you with a limited one-year pro-active warranty.


While we strive to build a defect-free home, we are realistic enough to know that something in the home may not perform as intended. When this occurs, we will make the necessary corrections per our construction standards stated in the limited warranty guidelines.


Our criteria for qualifying warranty repairs is based on typical industry practices in our region and meets or exceeds those practices for the components of your home. While we are going over the basics of our warranty program here, our homeowner's manual goes into specific detail on the entire pre-closing orientation and the pro-active 1 year limited warranty program.


Your homeowner orientation is an introduction to your new home and its many features that goes beyond the traditional walk-through. This will include a detailed demonstration of your home and review of information on homeowner maintenance.


In addition to introducing you to your new home, the orientation is also an opportunity for you and Pfeifer Homes Inc. to confirm that your new home meets the quality standards shown in our model homes and that we have completed all selections and changes. We note any details that need attention on the orientation forms.


In order to achieve timely response to your warranty issues, as well as enabling you the opportunity to consolidate subcontractor appointment schedules, we offer two reporting periods during your 1 year limited warranty.


Sixty Day Report



In order for our service program to operate at maximum efficiency, as well as for your own convenience, we will mail your "Welcome" letter along with Service Request Order forms 2 months after closing. This allows you sufficient time to become settled in your new home.


Also with your sixty day report you will receive our survey which will enable you to tell us in writing your opinion of how we performed throughout the building process. It is your feedback that helps us to attain our goal to build the best home and the best customer relationship possible.


Year-end Report



Near the end of the eleven month of your one-year warranty, the Service Department will mail a reminder that the warranty is about to expire. This will be your opportunity to check your home for items to be submitted for final warranty action.


One-time Repairs



We provide several one-time repairs for your home. Your homeowner's manual lists these under individual headings in the "Caring For Your Home" section.


We provide this service as a courtesy and to give you an opportunity to observe methods and materials needed for on going maintenance of your home. We require you to send your one-time repair request with your year-end report to maximize the benefits you receive.


Please continue your visit to the Pfeifer Homes web site to learn more about a custom home for your family.

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